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Arches and Ashes

After a full throttle, mostly sleepless night I made it to Arches NP, near Moab, UT, by 8 AM. I'm glad I went to the park early, because the almost-post pandemic wave of travelers is on the road, and I was lucky to be ahead of them.

I had two things I wanted to do at Arches: distribute some of Tracy's ashes (which I suspect is illegal), and do a painting of a subject I've never tried: orange sandstone arches.

I'm guessing those around me suspected I was disturbed: there were sudden fits of tears, and I was unresponsive to all manner of approaches due to *conspicuous* ear buds.

As it turns out, Arches was a special place for us. We'd taken a trip there back in '14, and it was great. In particular, we loved Double-Arch which is a crazy amazing marvel of nature. So, naturally, that became the obvious locale to place some of her cremains discreetly, and to commemorate the occasion with a painting.

It was an emotional moment, but I survived. As for the art, at least I survived it and got something done.

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