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Breaking Sad

I'm in Albuquerque, home of Walter White, so it seemed appropriate to pun on his show name. But though it isn't a joyous journey to spread the ashes of a loved one , I'm not so sad at the moment - just my sunny self, beaming joy everywhere I go.

Albuquerque seems like the poor older brother of Santa Fe; its edges are dilapidated, and its attempts at adobe not so uniformly beautiful. Still, what it lacks in surface beauty, it makes up for in personality. One senses it's a working town. People live here who didn't cash out a startup for forty mil.

In that way it's the Bordeaux of New Mexico to Santa Fe's Paris.

Wherefore art thou, Heisenberg?

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1 Comment

Jade Hazy
Jade Hazy
Apr 15, 2021

Yuuuum! That looks delicious! Love you comparison of Bordeaux to Albuquerque. Paris is overrated anyways. Happy journey, keep shining bright daddio!!

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