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Carmelita's, Del Rio TX

The irony of Mexican food, generally, is that the worse the restaurant looks, the better the grub. Case in point: Carmelita's.

I passed up countless "nicer" establishments coming into town. Once Carmelita's came into view, my arms involuntarily lunged the car into its lot. It was an inexorable force.

And so it was: one machacado+egg taco; one guisada taco. Add jalapenos.

Machacado, on scale, 7/10. Good showing.

Guisada, on scale 5 billion/10. Orgasmic. Perfect tortilla. Perfect stew.

Ok, make that two Guisada tacos then.

For those of the naval (or pilot) persuasion, obviously this plate is heading right for me.

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