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Home: El Dorado Hills, CA

Weds April 7, 2021: My journey starts from home in El Dorado Hills, California. For those who don't know, that's in the Sierra foothills along US 50 on the way to South Lake Tahoe. Several years ago I noticed a sign west of Sacramento on the east-bound side of I-80 indicating it was the beginning of US Highway 50, and that it was 3,017 miles to Ocean City, Maryland. I thought I'd like to try that someday.

Last December, I lost the love of my life Tracy to cancer. It was a bitch of thing to watch as it stole my love from me, but steal her it did. In the aftermath of that I feel a bit adrift, like a rowboat in the offing of a river into a great bay, with no oars. Such is the beginning of this tale. And that tube of paint? - a MacGuffin. Somehow a tube of my paint got in front of a neighbor's house, and over the course of 20 years of drivers squishing it, it looks like that. I look for it every time I walk the dogs. It's always there. I think about it and sense it's a metaphor for something, but beats the hell out of me what that is. So onward!

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