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Memories of CA: On His Rocker

I wrote at least 80% of McGhee in the Gloaming sitting in this rocking chair in this exact spot. To date, it has been the highlight of my creative life, and most aspects of my life otherwise. I forged perhaps the greatest friendship of my life in that chair, greatest collaboration, and my greatest love.

So yeah, I'm going to miss sitting in that spot on this particular teak rocking chair. I'm going to miss the warm evenings and cold ones, too. I'm going to miss the street it overlooks, and even my idiot dog barking at every Cummins diesel engine that rolled by.

I was that Rocking Chair Winner, for a time.

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1 Comment

Liz Phelan
Liz Phelan
Sep 17, 2021

Love this pic with your shadow on it…..all the feels.

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