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Memories of CA: Wor WonTon Soup at Hop Sing Palace in Folsom, CA

Let's take a moment to celebrate a monumental soup accomplishment: the humongous bowl of soup served at Hop Sing's. The picture below doesn't do it justice: I'd need something of a panorama to capture the full bowl. It's packed with good things, some of them even green - bok choy and green beans come to mind. But it's the protein that sells it. Giant shrimp, ham slices, chicken. Then there's the perfect broth, brought alive by chili paste (don't forget that), and those wontons: tender models packed with a beautiful pork mixture. In short, it is the perfect bowl of soup, and I kneel to it's world dominance of the soup kingdom.

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Bob Hazy
Bob Hazy
Sep 01, 2021

That's right - it's not a possessive Hop Sing:

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