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Novel Update

Just a quick update on the writing: I'm about 185 pages into the novel at this point and it's going well. The bad news is I have no idea how long it's going to be. The original Don Quixote by Cervantes was a tad over 1300 pages. The good news is, again, is I have no intention of matching that. Still, I'd guess this is going to be around 500 pages maybe. And the bad news, again, is that I only drove the first 1274 miles of the 3073 miles of US-50 spanning the US, so I have some driving yet to do. And further...

I'll be moving from California to Colorado in mid September, which will delay the completion of the trip and the novel, too. HOWEVER, I will be taking periodic trips in the meantime, so in case you're jonesing for a mountain of photos, or my pithy blog entries, there will be more of those to come in the coming weeks. I promise! And yes, I did check to see if one capitalizes 'jonesing', and one does not. :-)

See the comment below for a real-time teaser on the novel.

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