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Novel Update: Dos Quixote

You'll be glad to know that in addition to filling boxes and emptying my house of contents as I move to Colorado, I've been diligently working on the novel. I've had a few set backs on the editing, which will be a challenge, but I'm up to about 350 pages now. From here on it's a good news/bad news story.

First the bad news, of sorts: just like the original Don Quixote, my novel will be in two parts. Turns out, as I noted earlier, I've only been able to do about 1,200 miles of the 3,073 so far. I won't be able to finish that trek until spring 2022 I think. Now the good news.

I'm nearly done with the first draft of Part I of the novel. I'll be completing that within the next 45 days or so, my move notwithstanding.

Now the bad news again - I don't have an editor for the novel now. I'll need to muddle through on my own for the time being, which can become an intractable nightmare. But back to good news.

I did receive tentative edits on the first 80% (before life happened) so I have a good road map. My editor did an excellent job, as always, laying out the broad strokes as they say before she had to move on. Here's a thank you for what she's done, and best wishes going forward.

So in sum, I doubt I'll be able to complete Take 50: Part Uno in 2021, but hopefully I can before embarking on the trek of the rest of US-50 next spring.

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