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The Bortle Scale

Utah is home to several "dark sky" parks, perhaps the most for a state in the US. Check that for me.

That "darkness" is a bit of a misnomer - on clear nights the sky is anything but dark. Really, what is meant is the air is clear and free of light pollution. This clarity is measured by something called the Bortle Scale. I'm pretty sure I was seeing Bortle 1 skies tonight, the clearest possible.

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Unknown member
Apr 11, 2021

Yes!! We have a new Dark Park in Michigan. That is a great sky!


Unknown member
Apr 10, 2021

"The sky grows dark The black over blue

Yet the stars still dare

To shine for you."

from "The Midnight Library" (274)

(I just read this two days ago -- perfect photo for the poem!)

Safe travels today!

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