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Tracy @ Jenkinson Lake: In the beginning

Way back in January, when Take50 was just a gleam in my eye, the boys and I (Gus and Louie, the dogs) did our very first Tracy pilgrimage to Jenkinson Lake, which is in Sly Park, near Pollock Pines, CA. It's a lovely place and Tracy loved to walk there.

As I recall it was in the 50s but sunny. The pine needle carpet was still moist with snow melt, but the paths were clear. The air still had the smell of snow in it, and we largely had the place to ourselves. The boys were beside themselves with new things to pee upon -- I think the most actualized a dog can be. And as for me, I contemplated the first deposit of ashes on what would be a long journey.

We had discussed it, Tracy and I, and her sisters, and Tracy wanted to find repose in nice places, meaningful to us, or to her. I think it gave her some comfort thinking of those unknown but distant locales, both bucolic and bustling. I'm hopeful I've managed to do that so far, but there's a lot of the world left to cover.

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