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Tracy @ Rocky Mountain NP

Several years ago Tracy and I passed through Rocky Mountain National Park. I had only been on the edge of it before, and didn't have a clear expectation. Turns out it was fantastic. I'd been to Glacier NP, but this was somehow different. The vistas were sweeping, the cirques where snow still hid in the corners breathed a clean cool air in gentle breezes. Marmots cavorted in the sunshine, tender flowers wiggled in the cool gusts, elk languidly grazed while watching us, indifferent. As close as we had been, witnessing such beneficence and abundance of nature together made us both full of well being. Especially in recent years these moments were more precious to us than you can imagine. Now she's there permanently, at least part of her. She has a nice view of a valley and mountains. I think she'd like that.

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Jade Hazy
Jade Hazy
Apr 15, 2021

I think she'd like that too!

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